Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Universe Has Your Back - A Real Estate Fable

I thought I was helping
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
One of my tenant families struggled to pay rent. It's been an issue over the past three years.

The family would miss a rent payment. Then take a few months to catch up. Once caught up, they'd miss another payment the very next month. The cycle repeated.

I deeply empathized with their problems. I had experienced many of them in my past too - a close relative going through a critical illness, losing a job, going through challenges raising kids, car breaking down at the most horrible time, etc.

I thought I was helping the family by being patient through all their troubles. It seemed that they were trying so hard and needed a break. Besides, they seemed to have been able to always come out on top.

The Universe Has Your Back

Things always work out
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Finally, the universe heard them. Things started turning around. First, a social housing program helped them catch up on rent - $2,200 was gifted to the family. Next, both parents found part-time jobs. Shortly, they worked full-time hours and multiple jobs. Once they apologized for a delayed reply to my text because they were too busy working! Hurrah!

With a sigh of relief, they told me one day that money wasn't an issue anymore. They'd be okay from now on. They sympathized with my dependance on their rent payment to pay my mortgage and other costs. They said that I shouldn't worry about their rent anymore.

I felt grateful to the universe! Things always work out somehow.

You Just Have to Do Your Part

Just a short month later. Another missed payment.

This time, the auto-deposit process on my end glitched. All transfers usually get auto-deposited, but
Did I misread the signs?
Image by TiNo Heusinger from Pixabay

this one went back to the sender because of a recent new release of the banking app. Not realizing this had happened, the tenants unintentionally spent the returned rent money. They had no money to pay rent. Understandable. A new cycle of struggles began.

My tenant put together a payment plan. They sent it in writing and laid out upcoming catch-up payments. Date - payment - date - payment - date payment...

Then, they missed the first catch-up payment.

What happened? 
No answer. 
What's the status? 
Apologies. CRA delayed our child tax benefit payment. It won't happen again.

Then, they missed the next planned payment.

Worried, I followed up again.

The Universe Has My Back

My tenant was frustrated. She confessed that there was a time when they didn't have any money to buy groceries for weeks and were getting food packages at the church.  Once they started working, they've been handing over their full paycheques to me. There was a list of issues at the house they weren't happy about. They didn't get sufficient value and service from me as their landlord, for their money. They brought up a poorly executed door replacement job from two years ago and said that I hired a drunk...

Please move out! I pleaded.

I checked and verified that there were more affordable housing options in the area for a family of the size. I don't want your full paycheque. Please don't give it to me! It's not right that you don't buy food. It's not right that you don't love your home.

Please, please, please don't stay in the house, especially if you are not getting a good value for the price you are paying. You know where the door is! Please please please move out.

I was sending my thoughts to the universe, begging it to resolve this nonsensical situation.

My tenant didn't reply. 
They sent the next rent payment on time. 
And then the next one. 
To be continued?