Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Best Way to Always Keep Kicking

Whenever I throw my hands up in the air and say "I have no idea why I'm doing all this!" or something along these lines, my dad always tells a story of two frogs:

The two frogs fell into a jar of milk. One gave up, stopped moving, and eventually drowned. The other one kept trying to get out, she was paddling her webbed feet inside the jar, trying ever so hard to escape. After a long while, from all this kicking, the milk turned into cream, and then into butter.

The frog pushed off of the butter, jumped out and lived happily ever after.

Today is One of Those Days

Today is one of those days when my hands are down. It isn't very clear how I will ever achieve any of my goals

Knowing myself pretty well, I can tell you that this depressed state is a result of three things combined:

  1. Physical exhaustion after a long day yesterday
  2. Starving myself yesterday since I thought I didn't have time to eat and, so, I didn't eat
  3. Emotional drama because my best friend told me she doesn't want to be friends with me any more.  
Yes! You heard it right. I admit that am not capable of feeding myself when I'm hungry; taking a break when I'm tired and am re-living the worst nightmares of my pre-school life in a grown up version.

Very awkward. 

Head and Body Management

What led me to this situation is my diversion from my routine and discipline of head and body management.

Every day since July to end of October, I meditated for 10-15 minutes and worked out for 30 minutes to an hour. 

Regular meditation and exercise help my life balance a lot.  They keep me from saying nasty things to my family and friends. They keep my head clear. They make me super productive. They also help me eat, sleep and rest on a daily basis.

Whenever I stop meditating and exercising, my emotions spill out and unfortunately usually shoot at the most dear people to me; I stop eating; and I forget to take breaks from work.  

You know what happened in June before I started exercising and meditating? 

Exactly the same chain of events. I was too busy and one day I had no time to meditate and exercise. Then, another busy day followed. Sure enough, two weeks flew by with no basic self-control and things got out of hand. 

At the end of the two weeks, I literally starved my self having 5 coffees a day instead of eating food, worked like a machine for over 16 hours every day, got super tired, started crying for no reason, and quit my job on an impulse. 

Lessons Learned

I must be disciplined about my head and body management routine.  ALWAYS! 

I am not sure how the story of the two frogs ties in here, but thinking about it definitely cheered me up. I also just re-watched "Nothing Box" about men/women brain and had a good lough. 

Going to meditate & work out now. 

Cheers! Wish you all a great balanced day! Keep kicking :) 

PS If you can relate to this post or would like to share your survival tips & tricks, post a comment!  I already had one comment on another blog post and can't wait to see some more

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