Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3 EASY STEPS: How to Make a Dream Come True

Above is a video digest of what I've resisted for the past 20+ years and finally came to piece with:

There is so much I still need to learn from all the people around me!!!

Childhood - Being a Sponge that Soaks In

Let's go back to our childhood. Growing up, we go to school for more than a decade to learn the basics. 

These seemingly basic ideas are in fact a result of thinking, trying, and failing of our predecessors during many previous generations. They worked hard to clear the road for us.

I am watching my kids grow up. 

All the way from birth through school, they are sponges soaking in numerous concepts that they are being taught. 

It's incredible to see them going from little smiley honey bunches to Homo Sapiens (Latin for "wise man")  so fast.

Working - A Sponge that's Being Squeezed Out

Some time later in life, we become the sponges that are being squeezed out for knowledge. 

We give back what we've learned. 

We contribute at work, at home, and in our personal life, sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion. However, in many cases we feel good about it. 

This is natural, since we want to be a part of the future! We'd like to contribute. 

Plus, it feels so great when you are so smart that you can teach or boss others around you, doesn't it?

Well, my husband and I certainly agree that it's fun to kick our kids around. Shhhhh, don't tell the kids...

What if You are Still Asking Yourself: 

How do I become successful?

What I realized recently, during my career change from an HRIS professional to an investor, is that the most certain method to succeed in anything you'd like to take on next remains the same as when we were little.

Whatever your new goal or aspiration is, learn from someone who already knows and is willing to teach you.

The difficult part is to stay open-minded and follow the recipe your teacher points out to you step-by-step, until you see yourself get it right and succeed.

When my 8-year old misspelled "bird" as "burt" this morning, he didn't question or argue. He laughed, took an eraser, and fixed his writing. 

Going back to myself now. I figure that if I could learn when I was eight, I can most certainly pick new things up when I am years wiser! 

This is why my three step approach has been:

1) Find a formula that works and that I believe in
2) Follow that formula exactly 
3) Repeat until I master the formula.

This works! I am learning one new formula at a time and feeling successful.

I wonder what you are thinking. Would you mind leaving a comment below?

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