Monday, June 18, 2018

Pocket Deal: You make money when you buy! Literally

Got a property with 20% off!
In one of the real estate training programs I took, we learned about pocket deals.

I knew, in theory, that if you build great relationships with real estate brokers, you'd start getting deals off the market, which they call pocket deals. But so far this has never happened to me until today.

Today is my lucky day!


These deals are supposed to be great because:

  • Price is low - you get a gigantic discount
  • No one else even knows about the deal
  • No competing offers even in the hot seller market!

Here is how it happened.

One of my friends focuses of flips. It's essential for him to find properties at super low prices. So, he  designed a system of finding deals off the market and putting them under contract. His system works great!

He gets houses ch-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-a-p. Then, fixes them. And flips!

Occasionally, he comes across a house at a good discount, but the discount isn't big enough for a flip. The cost of the transaction would eat most of the profit. These situations are best for those who buy-fix-rent-&-hold, like myself.

So instead of flipping, the deal was assigned to me. In this transaction, my friend plays the part of a wholesaler. He adds a profit (aka assignment fee) for himself before re-selling the deal to me.

Here are the numbers:

Market Price
290,000 [1]
Sold to Whosaler At217,500 [2]
Assignment Fee15,000 [3]
My Price232,500 [4]
Closing Costs10,875
Total Investment80,250 [5]
Instant Gain31,625 [6]
ROI at Purchase39%[7]

1) Comparable houses are currently selling for 290K

2) My friend was able to purchase the property off the market at 217.5K

3) He charged finders fee,  which is called assignment fee, of 15K when he assigned the deal to me

4) I am paying 232.5K for the house

5) To get the property, my total investment will be ~ 80K, including dowanpayment, closing costs, and a renovation

6) Based on current market prices, I'll have immediate gain of 31.6K:

Gain = 290K - 232.5K - 10.8K - 15K = 31.6K

7) The moment I buy the property, my return on investment (ROI) is almost 40%:

ROI = 31.6K / 80.25K = 39%.


  1. Hi, can you share information re specific programs you took?

  2. Hi! My initial launch was from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad 8-week real estate online coaching program. I later took several other great courses. My other favorite course is by Nick Sidoti aka Dr Cashflow