Friday, August 31, 2018

Oh-oh! Power Has Been Shut Off

Taking out melted
two-week-old food
out of someone else's fridge
does NOT feel glamorous
Hi! Did you have a good summer?! I hope you did!  I'll post a few articles today. I did a lot of camping in August, and stayed offline most of the time. It's time to catch up now.

Yay! We got a New Door - door #18!

At the end of July, we acquired a new asset. It’s a condo townhouse in Barrie, ON, which we will fix up, clean, refresh and rent to a nice family.

This town house is different for us because it’s our first condo – comes with a pool, gym, and snow/grass services. Very nice!

On the flip side – vacancy costs a lot more than with our typical freehold town homes: Condo fee is quite an expense to carry in addition to mortgage payments!

Oh-oh! Did I miss something??

Since we’ve done quite a few acquisitions, you’d think that everything would go smoothly! but…

I didn’t call the power company to open a new account fast enough and they shut off the power!

This mishap was a definite oversight on my part: I had a lot on my to-do list and held off with all the administrative set up for too long, so that I could finish higher priority tasks. Now, I am sitting at the house and waiting for my hydro appointment.

Since it’s summer and there is no tenant yet, being without power isn’t really a big deal.
No hydro during winter when you already have a tenant would feel a lot more stressful. And that has actually happened last December at another property when a furnace suddenly died.

Having said that, previous owner of the place was leaving quickly and left all her groceries in the fridge. I can tell you for sure - Taking out melted two-week-old food out of someone else's fridge does NOT feel very glamorous. I had to triple-bag the garbage. Yucky....

Any Costs?

Luckily for me, there is no re-connection fee.

The only cost is my time – I have to drive to/from the property and stay here during my scheduled 4-hour appointment time block.

This trip pretty much takes up an entire day! I can imagine how stressed I would've been, if I was still working and had to ask for time off to take care of this.

I am keeping fingers crossed, and hope my cell phone and laptop battery will last until the technician arrives.

Here we go… The technician is here! Hurray!

Should've Would've

Here's what I should've done.

Within a couple of days after closing, I should've called all vendors, enabled new accounts and set up auto-payments for the following services:

Condo Fee

In addition, I should've notified each provider of my intention to rent the unit and to have tenant pay the utilities down the road.

In this case, many vendors have a process for rentals to make sure the account automatically goes back into the owner's name without re-connection fee, as tenants come and go.

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