Monday, December 18, 2017

Fraud Contractor Avoided

Let it Snow!
I can't believe how early it started snowing this Winter. It's not even Christmas and my kids already made a ginormous snowman outside!

Snow Removal: Sold Out 

Last week, I started looking for a contractor to handle snow removal at one of the properties in Barrie. I searched for local companies and contacted a few that looked good. It was almost 6 pm on Friday night, so I was surprised that many people picked up the phone and gave me some info.

But I was even more surprised that most of the snow removal companies were already booked solid for the entire season, even though it was only December 15th.

I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to find anyone for the job.

Finally - Great Fit! 

Eventually, a guy named Chris sent me a text message and said he was available. I asked him some questions about the services he provided, his company, insurance, etc. He replied to all my questions very quickly and gave me perfect answers.

He sent me a contract late on Friday evening. I was very impressed - he was very well organized, easy to deal with, and eager to work. Chris seemed to be a great fit.

On Saturday morning, I printed the contract, read it start-to-finish, thought about it, signed it, scanned it and almost emailed it back to Chris.

But, as I was about to click Send, it occurred to me that I haven't done any due diligence. So I back paddled and started checking.

Oh No! Fraud Alert!!!

I noticed on Chris' website that the service area is Halton and Peel, which doesn't include Barrie. This seemed weird to me. So I texted Chris to confirm if they actually service Barrie.

Chris replied that they've expanded and now service several properties in Barrie.

I started looking for additional information about the company, and sure enough, I found numerous reviews from various people, who signed a contract with Chris, made either a deposit or full payment, and never heard from him again.

Feeling Grateful

I am very grateful to all those people who shared their experience online and saved me from another bad contractor! THANK YOU!

At 7 pm, Chris texted me: "Your driveway was just done. Please send payment for the winter package". I replied that I will not go forward with the winter package and Chris sent a few more texts advising that I should pay for the work done ASAP to avoid late fees. I ignored his texts.

And today I continued my search and hired an awesome legitimate snow removal company! Yay!

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