Monday, January 22, 2018

Is Now The Right Time to Invest?

The short answer is Yes!

If you are asking this question, then you are probably wondering how you can get richer, have more time, protect your family from unexpected down turns, or build a safety net for yourself.

What I am starting to realize is that investing is VERY similar to growing crops.

Investing = Farming

I Love Growing Tomatoes!

You plan what you'll grow.

You wait for the Spring.

You work the land.

You plant the seeds.

You carefully water them and protect from birds, diseases, etc.

When the fall comes, you harvest.

If You are Like me, You are Not a Farmer 

If I became a farmer today and had to feed my family off my land, I know we'd starve because I don't know much about farming.

But over years, I know I'd learn and get better. A lot of my success would depend on the land, the seeds, the weather, the birds, and my knowledge, experience, skills and tools.

Find a Pro to Get a Good Seedling From

Two years ago, I got a tomato plant from Home Depot. I got some soil and planted the tomato in the flower bed in the backyard. You wouldn't believe it!

With minimal care, the plant grew all over the flower bed and gave us so many tomatoes that we had boxes and boxes of them. It was amazing! I think the result was so good because I got a very strong seedling and was lucky weather-wise.

Last year, I planted some sun flower seeds. The seeds had been in my kitchen drawer for over 5 years. I had doubts about them to begin with. But my son really wanted to try.

We planted the seeds. We watered them. And waited. Watered. Waited.

Nothing. Not a single sprout came up. So much hassle and zero result.

Spring is Coming! Are You Ready?

Can't Wait for the Spring!


This Spring, I will find better sun flower seeds and try it again.

I will also go for another tomato plant.

That was fun and I look forward to repeating my previous success and learning more about tomatoes.

If you'd like to invest in your future, you have to educate yourself, prepare, and plant the seeds or bulbs or seedlings.

Spring is on the way! Start now!

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