Monday, December 24, 2018

How Two Families Got Richer

Miss my car, but don't miss spending ~8K a year 
Over the past 5 years, I've been adamant about eliminating liabilities.

Here is the theory:

Liabilities take money out of your pocket.

The more liabilities you get rid of, the more money you keep for yourself.

Every dollar you keep, you can put to work by acquiring assets.

Assets put money in your pocket.

Once money from your assets cover your needs, you are financially free.

Hence, eliminating liabilities expedites your financial freedom

Easy! Right?

Not really!

It took me over five years to make the decision to get rid of one of my biggest liabilities - my car! 

In Love with My Car

In love with my car
My husband and I knew precisely the cost of owning two cars. Yet we hesitated. We had a lot of questions: do we really need both cars? can we do with one car? how much extra time will we spend on logistics if we were to get rid of one of the cars? which of the cars we keep? how much can we save?

Most of uncertainty and hesitation came from the fact that my car was really important to me. I loved it! It was an integral part of my life.

It was hard to imagine not having my own car. I was used to being free to go whenever and wherever I want.

Managing our properties, driving kids to schools and sports, visiting our parents, getting tons of food from Costco, etc. all required a lot of driving. My husband and I often had to be in two or three different places at once. Eliminating one of our cars would cause a lot of stress and cost time.

After discussing pros and cons, we always came to the same conclusion: we had to keep both cars.

Even though I knew my car was an expensive liability, I loved it too much. I couldn't let it go.

Annual Car Cost = Seven Weeks Working 

It's been taking a TON of money out of my pocket. In 2018, relevant  expenses added up to $7,878:


At 17% tax rate, this equals $9,492 of pre-tax money.

An average family with 73.7K annual household income has to work for over seven weeks to earn enough money to cover this liability. This is a recurring expense, so it's not just a one time seven week work project. You'd have to work for seven weeks every year to pay for all the car expenses expenses that year.

Time for Change

All good things must come to an end
This year our personal situation changed.

Our oldest son moved out.

Our middle son became fully self-sufficient. He prefers TTC.

I work from home most of the time.

My husband takes train to work.

We noticed that both cars are parked and idle during most of the time.

The next step was obvious. No more hesitation. We no longer needed two cars. Time to sell!

My Ex-Car is now an Asset

Once we made the decision, selling was easy. We found a buyer on Kijiji.

What I loved the most was that he turned the car into an Uber! It's now an asset and is putting money into the buyer's pocket.

One transaction made two families a little bit richer:

My family got rid of a liability. We now keep more money for ourselves.
The buyer's family acquired an asset, which puts money into their pockets.

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