Sunday, December 3, 2017

Amazing Face Lift (aka Stucco Fixes)

On Friday, our contractor finished stucco fixes at a Guelph, ON property. Timing couldn't be better and I am super happy this project is complete before the winter.

Oh no! Gigantic Stucco Bubbles
A few weeks ago, my husband and I noticed some deepening cracks in stucco. The cracks were hiding behind a bushy vine plant that has spread all over one of the walls. When we removed the plant, we discovered gigantic stucco bubbles. It became obvious that the issue is quite severe and should be fixed before the winter and before the wall outer layer simply falls off. See the image on the left.

Hiring a Stucco Expert

I got several quotes for the job ranging from "this can't be fixed" to $14,000. I was not prepared to give up or pay 14K for the fixes.

Finally, we were lucky to have found a great stucco expert! His bid was reasonable and within our anticipated budget. He has over 20 years of experience and had completed numerous residential and commercial projects in the area.

Making Sure Job Will Get Done

After my recent experience of losing a deposit and lots of time and energy with a contractor who's gone from great to bad due to being over booked, I asked the stucco expert to sign a one-page agreement confirming that he'll either finish the job by Dec 1st OR return my deposit.

Stucco Face List Complete

As expected, the bubbles were really nasty. Most of stucco came off as soon as the stucco expert started removing the lose sections. Metal lathe was installed. Then, bonding agent and high strength concrete resurfacer were applied. Once everything dries up, the patches will blend in with the other parts of the wall. We will also put a nice coat of paint over the entire house in Spring. The house will look fabulous!

Not only the job got done as agreed, but also the stucco expert patched up all the cracks on all other walls around the house at no extra charge. I am very grateful for all his help and doing so much for me on this project. Our tenants will be warm and cozy.

All Patched Up
Stucco Face Lift Complete

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