Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Landlord and Tenant Success Stories

Yummy Surprise!
I often come across horror tenant/landlord stories such as the one I posted a few weeks back.

However, I strongly believe that if you do your part right as a landlord, your tenants will bring you lots of joy. They will take great care of the house, pay rent on time, let you know if something isn't going right or needs your attention. And occasionally they will give you a hug or come up with a wonderful surprise, which will make your day.

Here are some examples when tenants made me very happy:
  • A tenant made a dessert for me. Very yummy surprise!
  • A tenant takes care of a flower garden around the house. She loves flowers and makes the garden look beautiful.
  • A tenant paid a self-inflicted $20 extra for being late with rent. We'd previously agreed about the delay and this extra bonus came as a very pleasant surprise.
  • A tenant sent me a link to a song that he felt was the most wonderful thing he has ever seen and heard. I really enjoyed the music!
  • A tenant recorded a CD of his own music. It was really cool! 

I am grateful to these amazing people!

Hope you found this blog post helpful. Post a comment if you did. I love hearing back from you.


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