Sunday, September 30, 2018

Plumbing 911!

Oh-oh! Plumbing 911!
Over the past couple of weeks, I had to deal with a few plumbing issues. Just wanted to share some pictures, so that you can see how simple or extensive a plumbing problem can get!

Urgent yet Easy Plumbing Issue

Our tenant called on Friday evening. Their basement was flooded. Every time they used a toilet, the water would back up in the basement. Urgent help, please! - tenant really needed help. It's unpleasant when you can't use the bathroom.

We called a few plumbing companies and were placed in their priority queue. We called and called! Trying to expedite the resolution. However, no one was available and most companies didn’t even return our calls. Thankfully, our tenant was quite understanding. We did our best to get help as fast as it was possible, but no luck until the end of the weekend.

It helps when you have good local connections in the area! 

This is one of the reasons why I’m working towards gradually shifting from self-managing all units towards partnering with a property manager.

Finally, we got an appointment scheduled for Monday morning.

Fortunately, it turned out that the issue itself was easy to fix.

The plumber cabled approximately 45 feet to clear blockage, finding it approximately 32’ in the drain line at the front of house. When he retrieved the cable, we found roots on the line.

Roots Blocked a Pipe

Non-Urgent yet Difficult Plumbing Issue

We recently acquired a duplex (the one we've split up into two units). During pre-purchase inspections, we identified two problems that needed to be solved:

1) Sewer stack rusted and needed to be replaced
2) After each rain, rain water mixed with sewage backed up into the basement.

The two issues were not urgent and didn't create too much inconvenience for the tenant - he knew we'd find a good solution and was not rushing us.

Our tenant recommended an outstanding local plumbing company! 

Two technicians visited us and did a lot within just a few hours:

replaced the old stack with new ABS plumbing
cleared sewer lines, removing calcium build-up and roots
fixed broken plumbing under the utility tub in the basement
replaced P-traps and some old sections of the lines
cleaned floor drain and put a back trap on it
there was only one section of the lines (6-7 feet) that could not be snaked and inspected with a camera.

Now, the first issue was resolved.

Next, we had to wait until it rained, to find out if the basement would flood.

Flooded! Not Again...

There was a big storm over night! Unfortunately, the basement still got flooded.

The plumbing company let me know that most likely the problem comes from the city lines.

However, we had to inspect the last section of our pipes, to make sure everything is in order on our end. Without this, the city would never start looking into the problem.

The plumbing team came prepared to inspect the last bit of hidden lines. Take a look at the pictures below to see what it took!

Now, we know that all of the plumbing under our house and up to the City line is in good shape.We'll wait for a rainy day to find out if the basement would still get flooded. Fingers crossed...

Getting ready to dig!

Where does this pipe go?

Holly, molly!

New Pipes!

No More Flooding (Hopefully!!)

Cleaning Up!

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