Sunday, September 30, 2018

Financial Freedom Blueprint Gets You There Faster!

Financial Freedom Blueprinting! LOTS to think about!

Do you ever wonder if you are on the right track? 

Do you ever question your past decisions? I do!

Recently I partnered with a company that creates professional Financial Plans.

Working out the first draft of my financial plan took a lot of pondering, discussion, questions, answers, assumptions, frustration, and so forth.

Once all data has been gathered and finalized, we entered it into the financial planning software.

The program ran through hundreds of calculations and applied a few algorithms to project the value of our estate, upcoming tax obligations, assets, liabilities, cash flow, savings, etc. for years to come.

Within seconds, I got to see:

  • how much money I'll have when my kids grow up
  • upcoming periods of cash surplus and shorfalls
  • the size of my future estate 
  • my future TAX liabilities!! 
Amazing! The Financial Plan instantly gave me a visual summary of my financial future. It also helped me assess my progress towards my goal to be Financially free.

Just to give you a taste - below are some sample charts I pulled out. This is using dummy data.

What Will my Net Worth Be?

Here's a sample graph that shows a Net Worth forecast.

Red bars show liabilities. Black bars are total assets.

What will my Estate be when I turn 80?

Here's a sample estate summary  - you can see it for any point in time!

Analyzing Financial Plan

The next step is to review the initial outlook. Analyse it. Consult with experts, run through a few scenarios, and create an action plan.

The biggest and most obvious issue in my personal financial plan is insufficient liquidity.

Most of our assets are hard assets. Therefore, our long term plan shows that we should work on a strategy to acquire liquid assets, and focus on creating additional streams of passive income, as well as converting some of the hard assets into liquid.

This is not a surprise! In fact, we are currently approximately 66% done with our original passive income goal, so there's definitely room to improve. 

However, it was surprising and rewarding to realize the long-term effect of our efforts so far. Even though there's still lots to do - the plan shows that we've accumulated a lot of value, which will continue to grow with time.

Financial Freedom Blueprint

I'm so-so happy to continue to work with the Financial Planning team to build out a few scenarios for the future and incorporate upcoming actions: acquisitions, re-finances, exits, addition of new asset types, and so forth.

There are a few forks in the road when it comes to building wealth. 

Each of the scenarios we've prepared shows me a different path forward. 

So all of these scenarios together become a part of my financial freedom blueprint. 

Having an accurate and validated plan adds a LOT of clarity to my action plan. 

There's no reason to constantly question myself - the road ahead is clear.

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